What is this for?

In an effort to practice what I preach regarding transparency, I am creating this section of my website to post my responses to elected officials and everyday people. I will edit questions/responses to protect the identity of those that contact me to the best of my ability and every single e-mail or letter will likely not get posted. I will also use this section to post my subscriber updates as they go out. That way readers can follow my campaign and updates even if they choose not to subscribe. Also, readers can use this section as it continues to be expanded to submit public questions, thoughts, or anything constructive even if it happens to be negative feedback. However, attacks on outside persons related to myself or my campaign will be deleted. I am running for a public office and as such I am prepared that everybody will not appreciate me or my beliefs. That does not open up my family, friends, or those helping me to personal attacks.

Thank you all for the support,

Wacey Alpha Cody

Letter to Subscribers on May 6th, 2019

Speech at Fort Concho, May 15th, 2019



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