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My name is Wacey Alpha Cody. However, I imagine you have figured that out by now. I am running for U. S. Congress in 2020 for district 11 in Texas; again, probably not new information by this point.

I can safely say that I am not perfect, I am human, like each and every one of you reading this passage. I rode bucking horses for years while in college and throughout my late teens, 20's, and early 30's. I have been fortunate to travel throughout our country and meet many different people from all walks of life. No matter how different or where I met them, we all had more in common with each other than different. Plus, as a conservative Texan I was never met with hostility or distaste in "liberal" parts of our country. In fact, I was met with fascination, intrigue, and respect for my way of life, even if the individual did not necessarily agree with my point of view on things.

Elected officials on television want to constantly blame the "Republicans" or "Democrats" for this or that. However, those of you who are reading this know that we are all more alike than different. Additionally, elected officials must end their personal attacks on each other. It consistently sets a bad example for the children of our nation and literally solves nothing. One can confront another person's actions or statements without attacking the individual's personality, appearance, demographics, upbringing, or morality. Those congressmen and congresswomen will even go so far as to say hateful things about some of their very own constituents. That does not jive with the country I have traveled, it does not add up to the citizens I have met, and it surely does not represent us here in Texas.

I hoped to make people's lives better and tried my hand in working in the mental health field. While I was good at what I did, I finally had to acknowledge it was not the right setting for me, and it led to me returning to the roots of my childhood. I decided to buy bottle calves, and worked to begin raising beef cattle. I worked as a welding helper and horseshoer, and I continue to do manual labor and ride my horse when I can. It was during this time I would listen and compare the ways political figures in our country speak about and to each other with that of all the people I have met in this country and District 11 throughout my life. I came to the realization that our elected officials did not represent the good people of this nation.

I decided to run for congress based upon the belief that the ability to set ones' personal political agenda aside has been lost in today's congressional landscape. Lobbyists' and special interest groups' desires by default have continually taken precedent over constituents' desires and needs. Our system, this remarkable Republic which stands united despite the flaming rhetoric of politicians, is not broken. The problem is a human condition. We, the people of this great country, have been continually abused and let down by politicians. They, the politicians of congress, have forgotten the keystone of our republic: Representation. Representation is not about one's legacy or power, it is about the amazing responsibility to be your constituents voice in Washington D.C. and to fight for their constitutional rights and liberties.

"If federal representatives can not find common ground, it is likely a state or local issue. We are not a nation of micromanagement."

Every two years, our country is filled with TV and radio advertisements promising to "fix" this or that, vowing to fully fund or repeal one issue or another, and yet the status quo of politics in our country remains. We live in a dynamic and ever-changing society, and that needs representation, not the political agendas of politicians "needing to get stuff done." That is not representation, that is not faithfully serving the constitution, that is self-preservation by individuals not achieving prior campaign promises!

Without question, this country is a remarkable institution. Historically speaking, it was an amazing act when George Washington handed over the reins to John Adams, and John Adams to Thomas Jefferson. Additionally, I can't think of a problem this country has faced that we were not able to tackle. Are there problems in our country? Undeniably. Is our nation perfect? No, it is not. Are there ways that the country could be better? Of course, but it will not come from the federal government forcing changes on local communities and states. Life is not fair and it may never be, but the solution is not the micromanagement of everyday citizens by our federal government.

Our nation tackled the space race and sent men to the moon at a time when the computer was the size of a house and no where as capable as the smart phone. We fought for civil rights for all citizens, regardless of creed, color, sex, or beliefs. Could things be better? Yes, but let's not forget our nation has gone from slavery and promoting racism to most people believing in equality and judging somebody by their character, not their color.


Again, the role of the federal government is not micromanagement. We have the ability to fix any social injustices, problems in our communities, and the capacity to help lift each other up through life's problems; the federal government, and many of its issues, just get in our way.

Going on 250 years ago, our fore-fathers knew humankind had basic human rights, and they overthrew the tyrannical rule of England. Just over 230 years ago, our nation adopted a form of government that guaranteed these rights to its citizens. Our country has pioneered and lead the world to amazing advances for years and years. Yes, we have slipped, stumbled, and made mistakes. We have been smacked in the mouth, knocked down and even mocked on the world's stage. But, we have never fallen, given up, or thrown in the towel. We got up, wiped the blood from our faces, joined our neighbors, friends and family members and fought not for ourselves, but for each other, for our brothers and sisters, for our parents, and for our children. We knew then, and we know now, We, the people of the United States, are capable of defeating any problem. We can rebuild our communities, unite our neighborhoods, and work to create a just society. 

Thanks for your time and best wishes to you and your family,

Wacey Alpha Cody

P.S. For every person in our country that hates our flag or our country, there are hundreds of thousands that selflessly serve our country with little thanks. From soldiers, to first-responders, to teachers, to ranchers, to plumbers, to doctors, to carpenters, to therapists, to truck drivers -- the  list is too long. Just thank you all.

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